Equinox Marketing - Hotel Consultants
Equinox Marketing - Hotel Consultants
Equinox Marketing - Hotel Consultants Our key personnel have over 15 years of practical experience in hotel and travel industry management and marketing. Over the years, we have carefully developed the resources to meet virtually any marketing need. The executives who manage the company's various divisions live in and are part of the communities
they serve. Their attention is focussed on the locales where they work. It is a system which keeps us in close touch with the market so we can quickly pinpoint where to focus our attention and resources. It paces EQUINOX's developements to the market's growth, and insures that we are moving to satisfy the customer demand and not our own ego. It's a key factor in generating quality products and creating value.


We have necessary local contacts, know your audience and know what motivates them through understanding the local culture, speaking the language and appreciating business indiosyncrasies.

We're flexible, and can respond quickly to your changing needs -- as well as the markets'. Our staff is small enought to remain uncluttered with the "beureaucracy" sometimes encountered in larger firms; our executives operate with autonomy, maximizing efficiency and responsiveness.

Equinox Marketing - Hotel Consultants  

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Equinox Marketing - Hotel Consultants
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